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We are constantly reviewing our products and conducting effective market research to ensure our portfolio contains a wide range of products that cater to our customers needs.

Experience Professionalism at Its Best at Ad Pharm

If ever you wish to experience professionalism at its best, then you must definitely visit Ad Pharm to check out the hard working team that strive hard to deliver the best product to their client. The team is well trained in their fields and this experience keeps them ahead among many other pharmaceutical companies.

They provide a variety of medicines to their clients and customers. But they make sure that every medicine matches the standards set by them. They have some well-trained medical sales representatives that tell the benefits of their medicines to nurses, midwives, pharmacists, doctors, and many other health professionals residing in the Nigerian state through meetings, health talks, and discussions.

Their business channel is vast which includes private clinic and hospitals, non-government organizations, pharmaceutical wholesale outlets, University teaching hospitals, medical diagnostic centers and many other organizations.

Ad Pharm takes pride in delivering some high quality products to their clients and customers. So, just go through these medicines available at store, besides many others to treat different other types of diseases.

Check out the products below!

Other Products

S/N Brand Name Generic Name Pack Size NAFDAC No.
1. Sivodazole 200mg Albendazole suspension 200mg 1 x 10ml A4-9055
2. Sivodazole 400mg Albendazole 400mg 1 x 1 A4-8613
3. Sivosecnidazole 500mg Secnidazole 500mg 1 x 4 B4-0089

Other Products


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