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Order Anti-Malarials from Ad Pharm

With a strong experience in the realm of importing, marketing, and distributing pharmaceutical drugs and healthcare products, at Ad Pharm, we emerged as leading pharma providers in Nigeria. Whether you are looking for anti-malarials or any other specific forms of drugs, you can reach us. Under the category of anti-malarials drugs, we deal in some of the finest WHO-certified drugs that are best suited for the travelers. Also, we strive to be your first choice when it comes to buying anti-malarial drugs and so, we make sure that our products are constantly tested and reviewed for the quality.

Our status in the Nigerian market is due to the reason that weprocess theanti-malarial Drugs with precision. Drugs that we provide are mostly used to cure and prevent malaria. We process and test these special drugs under hygienic and medically-approved conditions with the help of high-quality chemicals and technology. Our team of experts make it a point to be conduct every process in accordance to the medicinal parameters and guidelines. All the anti-malarial drugs are tested of their effectiveness, quality, and purity before being dispatched for sale. Also, we make use of optimal-markwrapping material for packing these anti-malarial Drugs. With Ad Pharm, you can trust that the drugs that you will receive will be effective and are reliable to use.

Following is the list of drugs under our anti-malarial section:


S/N Brand Name Generic Name Pack Size NAFDAC No.
1. SivoPlus Artemeter & Lumefantrine 80/480mg 1 x 6 B4-0093
2. Sivometertrine Artemeter 20mg & Lumefantrine 120mg 3 x 8 A4-9850
3. Sivometertrine Suspension Artemeter & Lumefantrine Suspension 1080mg 1 x 60ml A4-8227
4. Dipiphate Dihydroartemisinin & Piperaquine Phosphate 40/320 mg 1 x 8 A4-6871
5. SivoPhate Dihydroartemisinin & Piperaquine Phosphate 40/320 1 x 9 B4-0382



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