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Premium-Quality Anti-Fungals by Ad Pharm

Today, anti-fungal drugs are highly popular due to the increasing fungal infections that are effecting people. Most common fungal diseases that are troubling the masses today are candidiasis, ringworm, mycosis, athlete’s foot, and gardnerellavaqinalis. These are caused by fungal growth, which occurs due to unhygienic conditions. Most of these infections can be treated by the use of right antimicrobial medicines and drugs. Often, we see that antibiotics do not help in treating these fungal diseases and so, anti-fungal drugs are specifically used.

To reach you with the finest anti-fungal drugs, at Ad Pharm, we make sure that the products are tested and well researched before sale. We deal in marketing, distribution, and import of such drugs.

Fungal infections can be harmful to different organs of the body such as nails and sexual organs. It very important to treat fungal diseases with their very first signs as they have a tendency to show up all of the sudden can wreak havoc on a person’s health. Therefore, the sooner you start taking anti-fungal drugs for treating an infection, the better it will be for your health.

At Ad Pharm, you can get two types of anti-fungal drugs, both oral as well as topical. Enlisted below is a list of anti-fungal drugs that we can provide you with.


S/N Brand Name Generic Name Pack Size NAFDAC No.
1. Sivoclotrimazole Clotrimazole Vaginal Insert 1 x 6 A4-9076
2. SivoKetoconazole 200mg Ketoconazole 200mg 1 x 10 A4-8926
3. Sivoconazole 150mg Fluconazole capsules 150mg 1 x 10 A4-5625
4. AD-Fluconazole 150mg Fluconazole tablet 150mg 1 x 10 B4-1543
5. Sivoflush Fluconazole 150mg + Ornidazole 750mg 1 (2) A4-9866



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