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Anti-Cholestrols Distributed and Delivered by Ad Pharm

Looking for ethical pharmaceutical drugs to avoid building up cholestrol? Here, we have a range of high-quality, premium and branded anti-cholestrol drugs. With these you can avoid the harmful effects of cholestrol from building up inside your body.

At Ad Pharm Pharmaceuticals Limited, we have a whol list of other drugs as well that you can buy from us. We have an experience of a couple of years in marketing, importing and selling pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

The anti-cholestrol drugs that we market are known for reducing cholestrol to a great level. Newer researched and formulated drugs are also available. Our panel of experts constantly test and review the quality of the products to ensure that they are falling in line with the standards of international healthcare and medicine industry.

Go through our anti cholesterol drugs list to know which one we market. If you have any queries related to these, please feel free to reach us. We’ll be eagerly waiting to sort out all your qualms.

Get in touch with us today to lay hands on the finest and WHO-approved anti-cholestrol drugs and other healthcare products.


S/N Brand Name Generic Name Pack Size NAFDAC No.
1. Advas-10 Atorvastatin 10mg 3 x 10 B4-1790
2. Advas-20 Atorvastatin 20mg 3 x 10 B4-1494
3. Sivofix-10 Simvastatin 10mg 3 x 10 B4-1547
4. Sivofix-20 Simvastatin 20mg 3 x 10 B4-1546



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