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Forget Those Allergies When You Are Connected Ad Pharma

Allergies take place when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance including Bee Venom, Pet dander, or Pollen. The body produces substances known as antibodies, which help in saving you from the unwanted invaders that could make you sick and cause infections.

When you have allergies, the immune system starts making antibodies, which identifies a particular allergen. When the body is exposed to allergen, the immunes system is exposed to sinuses, skin infection, or affects digestive system.

So, why take so many risks when you can save yourself easily. Just get the best Anti-Allergic drugs from Ad Pharma and get ready to stay fit always. No matter, if you get in contact with any kind of unwanted substance or get infected by some sort of virus, you are always prepared to combat the virus when you are connected with Ad Pharma.

At Ad Phamra, you can get a variety of drugs to soothe yourself from the infection or allergy of any kind. You can check the variety of products anytime and anywhere. Check out the variety of Anti Allergies here and save yourself from the effects of different types of allergies


S/N Brand Name Generic Name Pack Size NAFDAC No.
1. Sivoloratadine 10mg Loratadine 10mg 10 x 10 B4-0088
2. Sivobutamol Salbutamol Aerosol bp Inhaler 200mcg 1 x100mg A4-4001
3. Sivotheotamol Theophylline + Salbutamol 10 x 10 A4-8866



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